VisiQuick, the solution for Dentists, Dental hygienist, Cosmetic Clinics, Dental Laboratories, Universities, Veterinarians and Insurance Companies

VisiQuick is the standard in dental digital X-ray images. In addition, there are special versions for dental laboratories and veterinarians.

VisiQuick expands with you

VisiQuick comes in user packs from 3, 5, 10 and more if desired. All X-ray support is included. And do you have more than one clinic? Or you want to work on a Terminal Server or Cloud? With VisiQuick Replication of Remote X-ray, new images and changes are automatically available at all workstations. Your team can work with the same patient data.

Conversions to VisiQuick

We can convert any of your old databases, files and X-rays to VisiQuick files:

Emago – Digora – Apteryx – Cliniview – DbsWin – DentAView – Dental-Eye – Dexis – Dimaxis – DixiView – ExquiRay – Fimet – FlexiView – Kodak/Trophy – Mediadent – MyRay – NovaX – Onepix – OrthWin – Schick – Sidexis – ViperRay – VixWin and more.

VisiQuick connectivity

You don’t need to learn three or four different software applications when using VisiQuick for every imaging device. VisiQuick support large number of sensors, images, scanners, 3D, units, printers, Facad, among others. VisiQuick is automatically activated from your patient management program. All these files can be opened from anywhere in a network.