Rapid image capturing and optimalisation

VisiQuick digital X-ray software provides high-speed imaging and is compatible with all existing X-ray systems, intra-oral cameras, video and 3D equipment. All your images in one place within easy reach.

Rapid image capturing, image optimalisation, adding annotations and taking measurements. VisiQuick facilitates maximum chairside efficiency and time reduce!

VisiQuick is available in an on-premises and a cloud edition.  The VisiQuick application and database can be completely Cloud based or optionally with only the database storage in e.g. Azure. Anything is possible!

Both the on-premises as the Cloud edition offer efficient managing capabilities and are low-maintenance. Extended version with user roles and central configuration available.

VisiQuick easily interfaces with all patient management systems available in Scandinavia, The Nederlands and Belgium and also offers several universal software bridging options. For our UK based customers we offer interfaces to Dentally, Carestream, Exact and System for Dentists, amongst others.

Is your administration program not mentioned here? Please contact us for consultation.


Key features of VisiQuick

Linkage from your patient administration system to a clear oversight with the last viewed images, last bitewing sequence or X-ray dental status. All other images are chronologically displayed in the photo gallery.

Software bridging

VisiQuick can connect to all existing X-ray equipment, whether it’s image plate scanners, sensors, panoramic/ ceph systems or 3D CBCT equipment.

In addition, you can connect all known intra oral cameras and automatically import images from WIFI connected digital cameras.

VisiQuick offers the option to email your images directly from VisiQuick or easy export to attach them to messages from your administration program.

Linkage with Pearl Second Opinion AI, 3Shape, FACAD, Q-Ray and many others.

Importing and Exporting images

Import and export all image types you need in your clinic; with or without embedded patient information. Colour images photos taken with a WIFI/Bluetooth connected digital camera can be automatically registered to the selected patient.

Image optimisation

  • Automatic image optimisation
  • Pre-set filters
  • Intuitive image enhancement: brightness and contrast
  • Image enhancement functions: gamma correction, linear and uniform correction, etc.
  • Sharpening/Smoothing filter


  • Lines and angles
  • Implantation angle annotations
  • Text annotations
  • Arrow annotations
  • Colour markings
  • Bone resorption / regeneration graphics

Image storage

VisiQuick supports different types of database storage: Firebird, MS SQL and SQL Express. Image storage can either be in the database or in a file folder structure.

Recommended system requirements: Windows 10 or 11.