Release 2021.1 is ready

Announcing Release 2021.1 VisiQuick V4.4

We have released a new version! The release is ready for download on our FTP-site.
The web site is updated with new download links, and we posted an announcement.
Note that you will need to have an up-to-date license to install this update.

Important changes

The License Update Server can now be used

VisiQuick will now automatically update your license before it has expired.

Manual in several languages

We have made manuals in these languages: Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Netherlands and Norwegian.

Problems fixed

These are some of the problems we fixed. For the full list, see Change History.

  • Extended Linking indicated wrong teeth and PAN/CEPH in the status. For users with a practice management system (PMS), which is using extended linking to display image status in the PMS, the image status is now correct.
  • X-rays with multiple teeth numbers caused status views to ignore the X-ray.
  • The button for adjusting contrast was reset when another image was opened.
  • Sending mails to a mail server requiring SSL/TLS 1.3 did not work.