Upgrading your CygnusMedia to VisiQuick

CygnusMedia was created in 2003 by the software designers of VisiQuick, based on VisiQuick version With CygnusMedia, dentists can see and analyze digital images taken with a specific X-Ray sensor. After that, no new versions were provided for this project.

CygnusMedia users can upgrade to VisiQuick and benefit from up-to-date features. Upgrading to VisiQuick will allow you to use the up-to-date sensors, phosphor plate scanners, PAN, CEF, links to 3D X-Rays and intra oral video cameras while keeping your CygnusMedia images.

Why Upgrading to VisiQuick?

An important reason to upgrade is because CygnusMedia does not support X-Ray sensors, and intra oral video cameras that have been built after 2003. If your dental practice has purchased new equipment after 2003, there is a risk that CygnusMedia will not support it.

Also VisiQuick is CE certified to meet Eurpean regulations.

VisiQuick is the only software you will need to keep using images from CygnusMedia and from any digital X-Ray system including PAN, CEF, phosphor plates, and links to 3D. VisiQuick is linked with the most common practice management software, enabling you to quickly find and organize your diagnostic and cosmetic images using one complete solution.

Cygnus Media VisiQuick
Database Database storage capacity 60GB Unlimited
Image manipulation Save standard filter settings per X-Ray device X V
Save special filter/manipulation settings per X-Ray device X V
Dual X-Ray status layout X V
Image cropping X V
Implant planning tool X V
Save image area layouts, designed to arrange images in your working area and use them later X V
Image handling List of today images, also used to quickly find misplaced images X V
Find specific images types (PAN, Ceph, color, documents) X V
Camera auto import X V
Connectivity Max number of simultaneosly connected X-Ray devices 1 8
Connects with your practice management software Limited V
Connects with your tracing packages X V
Links from all X-Ray devices Limited V
Links to CT (3D) devices X V
Links to 3D modelling systems X V
Links to webcam X V
Special functions Image Replication, to use same patient database in multiple clinics X V
Remote X-ray using thin clients devices, to use remote server with local X-Ray devices X V
Support BSN number from your practice management software (only in The Netherlands) X V
Dicom files import X V
Updates Allows yearly updates X V