How can we help you?

Whether you want VisiQuick in your practice or just need some help for updates, we can help you.

  • Did you get VisiQuick via one of our dealers?. If so, please contact them first. You can check the list of VisiQuick dealers here.
  • Do you have a VisiQuick Service Contract?. If so, please contact us here. With VisiQuick Service Contract, you can have remote technical support and yearly updates free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before calling, please check if your question has been already answered here.

How can I buy VisiQuick?

You can buy VisiQuick by contacting one of our dealers here.

I would like some help from the VisiQuick people

If you have a VisiQuick Service Contract, or an updated license, you can get VisiQuick support from one of our dealers here.

What is a VisiQuick license?

VisiQuick license is a legal instrument governing the usage of VisiQuick in your clinic or lab. VisiQuick is copyright protected. Depending on the number and type of VisiQuick licenses you purchased, you will be granted to use VisiQuick on one or more workstations with one or more X-Ray and other modules.

What does the VisiQuick license grant me?

VisiQuick is continuously improving its functionality and performance, and it has a great team of experts ready to help you. By having your license up to date, you are able to obtain the last update of VisiQuick and free of charge support.

How do I know if my license is up to date?

You can check if your license is up to date and what you are able to do. Check the license information screen by clicking in the menu bar Tools-Application Settings-License.

I cannot find the license information. What do I do?

VisiQuick included license information since August 2009. If you cannot find the license information, contact us by clicking here.

What is a VisiQuick Service Contract?

You can have technical support for VisiQuick and updates free of charge if you have a service contract. We offer special support packages for 3 and 5 years. Just contact your dealer, or fill this form.

I don’t have a VisiQuick (Service) Contract, but I still need help

It is easy to get a service contract for a small payment per year. Just contact your dealer, or fill in this form. In specific circumstances, VisiQuick can provide you emergency assistance by phone. You will be asked to agree with extra costs before receiving assistance.

Why use VisiQuick when there is imaging software available from my hardware manufacturer?

Original imaging software can only use images from one brand. VisiQuick is compatible with all additional digital X-Ray equipment on the market. This means you can work with all your images together by only using VisiQuick, so you don’t have to switch programs to see images from other brands. For instance, viewing bitewings in one imaging program and having to view Panoramic X-Rays in another.

What kind of computer do I need to work with VisiQuick?

Dual core CPU, 4GB memory, 1280×1024 resolution, 32bit color, DVI monitor cable.

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10, 32-bit OS.

Please note: If you choose 64-bit OS, some digital X-Ray equipment cannot be used.

Does VisiQuick support Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8?

Yes, VisiQuick supports these operating systems. Please note: If you choose 64-bit OS, some digital X-Ray equipment cannot be used.

In which format are the images stored?

All images are stored in the configured format. The default is JPEG using low compression.

Which printer do I need to print the images?

You can use any printer to print your images. For best results with X-Ray images, use a color laser or an inkjet printer.

Can I run VisiQuick on more than one computer?

Yes, VisiQuick is a multi-user application. You can run VisiQuick on as many computers as your license allows.

Can I run VisiQuick on a Terminal server / Cloud?

Yes, with the remote X-ray or replication module you can run VisiQuick on a Terminal Server or in the Cloud.

My colleagues don’t have VisiQuick. Can I send/receive images from them?

VisiQuick supports exporting, importing and emailing of images. You can share your images with others.

Can I use images from my old imaging program with VisiQuick?

Yes, any other imaging database can be converted to VisiQuick.

Can I use my patient administration program with VisiQuick?

Yes, VisiQuick supports most of the patient administration programs in the market.